Sausā un mitrā auto bezvadu rokas putekļsūcējs mājas uzlādes portatīvo putekļu sūcēju auto dāvanas

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Produkta Nosaukums:Sausā un mitrā sadzīves automašīnas putekļsūcējs Produkta izmēri: 29*12*3cm Produkta materiāls: ABS Nominālais spriegums: 230V Nominālā frekvence: 50Hz Jauda: 60W iepakojuma saraksts: Putekļsūcējs* 1 Birste uzgalis *1 Dzīvoklis uzgalis *1 Ūdens absorbē vadītājs *1 Uzlādes kabeli bāze 1 Angļu valodas rokasgrāmata *1

Tālvadības Pults NoPutekļu Uzglabāšanas Veids Putekļu KaussUzstādīšana RokasIzmērs(mm) 290*12*30Tīrīšanas Maršruts Plānots TipsPutekļu Kastes Tilpums (L) 0.5 LFiltra Veids CitiAkumulatoru Dzīves 1 StundaĪpašas Sūkšanas Uzgalis Dzīvoklis Sūkšanas UzgalisZīmola Nosaukums KGDUFLFSertifikācija ceJauda (W) 60WTurbo Birste NoSpriegums (V) 220VModeļa Numurs PIE-96LCD NoVadu Garums (m) BezvaduFunkcijas Mitrā un SausāSoma Vai Bezmaisa BezmaisaLaiks Rezervāciju No

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Jean Claude Dardalho 2020-08-24


Spirin 1981 2020-12-27

nice and powerful, but the valve doesn't close well which is a slight problem for smell and dust

Jonny1340 2020-12-01

The only plus is fast delivery with tracking. There are better quality vacuum cleaners of proven brands in decent stores and the price is lower by a third. And here: no traction, the nozzles are cut out, the filter also does not sit tightly in view of the design's looting, because of this, the dust gets inside. With a detailed inspection found a recent autopsy of the case, and since to return the sonuna back-almost its cost, spit and disassemble completely. Inside: A brush engine 13 years ago, a 2012 Control Board and a rush soldered (!) battery with traces of fresh flux. Obviously, originally there was a different type-there is a seat, this one did not fit in it, and the innovators from Kete fixed it with Velcro. The base also needs to be processed by a file-in general, I strongly do not recommend it to the stout shit.

Alena Vedeneeva 2020-12-08

The goods came very quickly, in 2 weeks. Everything is like in the description! Power is normal for small debris. I liked everything! Thank you very much to the seller for fast delivery and good goods!♥& Middot;

Super Parkour2000 2021-01-25

Works but weak, very long delivery

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