1.61 1.56 1.67 Indekss Progresīvās Lēcas Sveķu Objektīvs Multifokāla Recepšu Tuvredzība/Hyperopia Izturība Īss Vidū Daudz Lēcas

Pieejamība: Pieejams

SKU: l782

€77.24 €38.62


Dzimums VĪRIEŠIZīmola Nosaukums MOTORSONModeļa Numurs Progresīvās LēcasLēcu Materiāls PolikarbonātaPārklājums HMC

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Babyangel8893 2020-09-17

OK very well

Guitaristy 82 2020-10-04

Added my prescription to the frames that ordered perfectly! Will be ordering from these guys again soon!

Kalyxia104 2020-11-03

I have not received my item the seller sent to the wrong address and even after I contacted the royal mail in the UK who told me the item was sent back to the warehouse of the shipper as the address was not valid and opened a dispute the seller has not acknowledged nor offered a reasonable solution other than "sorry friend maybe if they send back we can give you refund or send another to you" the chic I have been swindled of my money and this person is not even answering my messages. " BUYER BEWARE NOT TO BUY FROM AN INCOMPETENT SELLER LIKE THIS PERSON YOU RUN THE RISK OF BEING SWINDLED EVEN AFTER YOU DO EVERYTHING RIGHT TO GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR."

Designmarco 2021-01-29

Comme description !

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