Ūdensizturīgs Ceļojuma Somas Vīriešu Crossbody Soma Rīku Somas Lielas Ietilpības Soma Instrumentiem, Aparatūru

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€32.73 €17.02

Veids somaMateriāls Oxford AudumsZīmola Nosaukums NoEnName_NullModeļa Numurs YZL6199

Tagi: klein instrumentu josta, lielu instrumentu soma, elektriskie darbarīki soma profesionālai, vīrieši toolbag, rokas instrumentu ūdens cauruļu, aparatūras somas, nometnes instrumentu soma, jostas rīks, soma elektriķis rīks, aligators somā vīriešiem.

Juliaperina 2020-12-02

The goods is according to the instruction

Tihlio Bg 2020-11-11

Goods received in two month

Paulina Czarnecka 2020-11-20

The parcel with the bag is received, it took a long time, but it's not critical. The material of the bag is durable, dense and really waterproof. The bag is roomy, has six inner and eight outer pockets. Very convenient for storing and carrying the tool and necessary in the household and repairing small items. The seller put a small bonus container in the bag for small parts. Nice. I recommend the seller and his product. I'll buy more. All good.

Kanchidkleinobbink 2020-12-02

The goods is according to the instruction

Cobe Lovely 9x 2020-09-19

The bag is good sewn qualitatively. Pockets are small, there is no stock, it is difficult to place a tool thicker than 1 cm.

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